First Year - Casey Strachan

Iíve now completed my first year of competing in the Highland Games. When I first started watching my cousin playing, it looked so easy. Now after competing, I know it looks a lot easier than it is! I really have to give credit to all the competitors. One thing that makes the games the most enjoyable is the help that everyone gives. When you are new and you donít know the technique, the other competitors will help you in any way that they can. Even offering to come and train with you in between games. Another thing that is great about the games is that it is not a competition between everyone there, it is more a competition for yourself. ďCan I beat my personal best today?Ē That is what everyone is out for, itís just that some peoples ďpersonal bestsĒ are also Alberta records. Although, talking a little trash to the other guys is fun as well. But, everyone takes it and gives it all in good fun! Iím looking forward to the years and competitions to come, as I progress Iím sure that the distances I throw will increase. See you out there next year, Casey Strachan
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