Ever try explaining our sport to a friend?

"Fat guy in a dress?"

That's what my friend Ryan said when he found out I was doing the Highland games. It was a conversation milked by a rather large schooner of some god awful house stout at the local pub. Ryan then politely added, "I mean Kegs, it's one thing to go drinking with us, wear your skirt and dance around like a flippin' banshee, but......."

I then calmly interjected, "Banshees are Irish I'm a Scot."

"Whatever, you can be a flippin' Kraken from the lost city of Atlantis for all I care, do you know what those big SOB's do? the try to throw logs as high as they can! And then they........"

"Actually, we flip them over, ya see, pretend there is a giant clock on the ground and the........."

"Giant clock? What the hell are you talking about? What are you Quasimodo? time to ring the bells? Anyway, like I was saying Keg, It's one thing for you to make us watch that UHF..."

"UHA" I corrected, "UHF is a movie with Weird AL"

"Whatever you make us watch this stuff on TSN and thats cool, but going and doing that stuff thats a whole other thing. I mean where are you gonna go with that?"

Ryan was clearly not seeing the revelation which is heavy events, I tried to explain, "You know how I have loved powerlifting and all that, "

"Powerlifting, yeah! that's what I'm talking about! Bench pressing is cool!"

"Shut up! Anyway, where was I? Yeah, powerlifting. Well this is kinda like that, but it involves so much skill. You don't have to be some big huge freak to do well in it. It's all about practice and learning. It's the friendships you make on the field. You should have saw the competition in Regina, everyone was helping each other, it was great"

"That's when those boys from Alberta kicked your flat prairie ass, right?"

"It's not about that, man. Those guys were great they really try to encourage you and help you in the sport. Now when I go up to Calgary this weekend they prob........"

"Your going out of province?"


"I can't allow that"

"Why is that?"

"Well, Keg, for one thing you will be representing the rest of us Saskatchewanites and I can't allow you to bring shame upon this great big dusty flat land of ours. You see when I proudly carried the green Saskatchewan flag into combat, I brought home the gold. Ah yes the glory days I can remember it so clearly........"



"You played badminton. You proudly carried our dusky flag accross majestic borders to hit and object called a birdie. It's not about competition its about making friends and improving yourself, you wouldn't understand."

"Making friends? What the hell are you? Fred Penner? Hey, who is that girl you know her, watch me I'll show her something that........"

Anyway the conversation digressed from there. I guess the truth is some people just "don't know" That's alright, I guess it there loss. For me though, Heavy Events hit me. Hit me like a plaid covered hurricane. I've got the bug. I love it. Thanks to all you Alberta boys for showing me such a good time.


Chris "Keg" Kent

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