The temporary solution - Chris Holt

As I said , my gym is closed for quite a while. So I bit the bullet and checked out the new Collicut Center. Aside from it being a bit "sterile" I thought it would do in the interm. While on my tour, a young man who was apparently an employee, approached me, offering to give me a tour. Now this young man was about 18, and had roughly the muscle density of Gord Walsh's eldest daughter.

Lo and behold" "Timmy" (as I named him) was the personal trainer. You know the type? 2 month "fitness" course, his idea of a workout involves sweatbands and chrome. (chalk is found in schools). None the less, I politely listened to "Timmy" extoll the virtues of this new, wonderful gym, and at one point he assured me "this place is quite hardcore"

At the end of our tour "Timmy" completed the tour by informing me that ALL new members were required to take a 2 hour orientation class, with him as the guide. Having a reasonably quick mind , I countered this insolence by asking him if the 110lbs dumbbells were the biggest ones they had.

He slinked away, avoiding further eye contact.
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