Year One - The Review

As the season comes to a roaring stop, one thing sticks in my mind… God I'm tired! Not to mention sore. My shoulders feel like they've been ripped from their sockets and then half-assed replaced and then ripped out again. But don't let that discourage you from taking a step out on to the field to see if you've got what it takes to be a heavy events competitor. At the same time I'm kind of sad that the season is over. Why would I say something so stupid? Well I'm glad you asked! The last competition we had (the Paul Sims Celebrity Invitational classic) I manage to shatter a few "PB'S" of mine. Yes that's right 4 "PB'S!" My Greatest accomplishment came from the 28# weight for distance in which I added 3 and ½ feet to my personal best. What I like about this whole thing can be summed up into a few points.

You don't have to be a big, strong, muscular HE-MAN to have fun.(Editor's Note: It doesn't hurt :>) Point in case, the Calgary and Canmore games. What a diverse group of individuals we had competing. We had guys upward of 300 pounds competing next to guys who when soaking wet might weigh a buck fifty. AND IT WAS VERY WET IN CALGARY! My respect doesn't always go out to the guy who wins, but to the guy who takes a risk of injuring himself by just being out there, trying to compete and having fun doing it!

Now I'm not an overly strong guy or beautiful or charming or… I could go on for a while, but I am quite an amusing fellow. And I like to have fun and entertain, as my cousin can definitely attest to. Now and again we crack jokes about each other, play a few jokes, and do a little trash talking here and there. But that's not in any way to get guys off their game. In fact I feel like one of the guys when a joke or a good rib is at my expense because if what we do out there got too serious I wouldn't be doing it. I go to the competitions to do two things; have fun, and beat my personal bests. I quite proud that I had inspiration from gaining at least one PB every time out. Now my cousin was a little miffed that I had a steady improvement from the first games in Red Deer to the PSBC. But at the same time he was quite proud and astonished at my enjoyment and improvement from day one.

Here are a few highlights that I had and saw from my first year as a competitor in the Alberta highland games:

Red Deer: Dreary day. Not the best day for throwing but not the worst. First games not what I expected. Reality sunk in, this was hard! Can Jeff throw the 56# any higher? Unbelievable!

Fort Edmonton: From one extreme to the other. Hot and not a Cloud in the sky. Cleared 9 feet for the 56# weight for height.

High River: Second place in the Amateur B division. Not bad for a "short bench" so to speak. Hopefully we'll have more competitors out here next year. Noteworthy PB: 5 feet added to my PB for the 16# Hammer.

Calgary: I didn't think we'd throw at all judging from the puddles in the middle of the field. Cold and wet go figure. Broke 40 feet with the 28# weight for distance.

Canmore: Third games in 8 days! WOW! First time throwing the 56# weight for distance… Ouch! Sheaf tossing… Gotta get on top of that one. (NOTE TO SELF need lots of practice). Overall not a great day but 2 games in 2 days what do you expect! Mike Staal you animal! You now are the proud owner of 4 Alberta Records. Both Hammers and both weight for distances.

PSBC: A great day! Not too hot, not too cold. In my opinion, a great day for throwing. Just enough recoup time in between games. The party afterward was not too shabby either. A little Glenfiddich not bad stuff, A little Johnnie Walker Red not great but by that time still good. Good stories, and lots of laughs. Sad to see the Sims family go but we'll get them back up here for a few games in the years to come. So Paul if you read this… The Calgary games 3 years ago 28-29 feet for the sheaf tossing, amazing, simply amazing! There's an Alberta Record that will by safe for a while. Good luck and best Wishes.

Well that's it for me hoping to see everybody next year and the years to come. I'll be back for sure so keep training cause that's what I will be doing this long cold winter. See ya in 5-6 months.

Kelly Strachan
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