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Commonly Asked Questions About Highland Games in Alberta

I'm interested in heavy events. How do I compete in Alberta?

With the exception of Calgary and Canmore, all of the highland games in Alberta have graciously hired the Alberta Scottish Athletics Association to run the heavy events portion of their games. So, the easiest way to compete is through the registration form we update at the start of the season. But, if you want to just give it a try and see if they really are for you, we can hold a clinic to give you a taste of each event and help you decide if the sport is for you. Our games all require some kind of kilt to play in, so that may be a bit of a commitment for first-timers (although there are a number of cheap alternatives to an "official" kilt.)

How do I join the Association?

A registration fee of $20 CDN per game you wish to compete in is required, payable to the Alberta Scottish Athletics Association (or ASAA). Volunteering in some capacity at 2 or more games is appreciated. Email me for information. Or just mail your registration to:

Alberta Scottish Athletic Association
c/o ASAA President
2157 67 Street SW
Edmonton, AB
T6X 0T5

How do I train for the games?

In the articles section are some topics along these lines, as well there is nothing better than performing the actual events themselves. Implements can either be constructed or purchased and for technique, watching professional games on tape from VPProductions or on UHA also gives insight to technique.

The ASAA also tries to have several novice camps throughout the year if there is enough interest.

Do women enter the heavy events?

Definitely yes. We have a full compliment of the official women's implements and the opportunity at every games for female athletes to compete.

I'm a member. How do I register for each games?

Check the rules for more details, but in short, with your registration, indicate the games you intend to attend. In the event that we have more than 15 athletes in the Amateur B section, the 28# for distance and the stone shall be used as qualifiers. Up to the top 10 athletes from the previous games will be given a by and the top throwers from those two events will make up to a total of 15 athletes. More than that, we found, was becoming more of a hassle than it was worth.

How do I get on the athletes page?

If you are a member and do not have a position on the athletes page, it is because I have not been given the information necessary, including a picture you would like displayed and your personal bests in each event. I am not yet keeping track of everyone's PBs and only update the page when the information is given directly to me.

Do you need to weigh 300lbs to play Scottish Athletics?

Most certainly not, although a certain amount of weight (and of course, strength) is necessary. The events are known as 'heavy athletics' for a reason. To attempt complex movements with weights in the area of 28 and 56 pounds without some strength and mass is extraordinarily difficult. Supplementing any strength you currently possess with off-season weight training is highly recommended. Again, check the articles section for some opinions or information on that.

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