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Results for the 2000 Alberta and Area Season

Regina, May 22, 2000

A beautiful day for throwing. Not too hot, not too cold. No rain. Lots of enthusiasm and some real potential in this group. Good to see Neil, Chris and Ray back out again, and newcomer Ray Hall showed frightening competency for a first timer, taking third. Doug Campbell did a fantastic job in organizing the event and it is definitely going to become a regular part of the circuit, as far as I'm concerned.

Men's Events
AthleteBraemarOpen28# Dist56# Dist16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
S. Langford29'34'5.5"46'6"21'.5"91'11'12:0033.5
N. Brown22'9"28'9"42'2.5"18'4"72'5"9'12:0019.5
R. Mortin16'5"20'4"24'8"11'5.5"43'9"-9:00-
C. Kent20'24'4"27'11"12'6.5"61'10"-11:001
P. Fonsenca20'3"23'9"31'3"15'10.5"64'1.5"9'50deg6
M. Staal29'.5"33'11"53'3"27'100'3"13'8"12:0038.5
R. Hall29'9.5"35'8"45'7"21'5"74'9.5"10'12:0032
K. Miller20'8.5"27'32'6.5"8'11"61'9.5"9'2:0010.5
D. Campbell23'2"24'11"30'1.5"15'10.5"69'11"8'2:4510

Grande Prairie, June 11, 2000

Not the best weather in the whole world, but good Scottish weather at that. The entire day was mostly clouded over and there was a little light rain, but it did little to dampen the day at all and a fine competition was had. Everyone came out to put on a show and despite some slight frustrations, a very solid performance was put on by everyone.

Men's Events
AthleteOpenBraemar16" Hammer22# Hammer28# for Distance56# for Distance56# HeightCaberPoints
S. Langford37'10"30'98'9"75'3"49'4"23'3"11'5th29.5
J. Kennedy34'5"29'6"82'5"61'39'19'10"11'6th39.5
M. Staal-29'9"108'8"91'57'27'13'8"3rd23.5
M. Robertson24'8"22'54'6"42'6"20'4"12'5"--61
B. Tinworth-20'44'4"36'9"25'4"6'4"--68
C. Bowie19'4"17'9"69'6"43'8"26'7"9'6"--61
J. Thomas35'2"33'6"107'7"84'50'26'15'6"1st16.5
P. Sim40'9"34'5"97'6"77'5"58'6"26'13'8"2nd17
P. MacKay31'4"25'4"72'7"46'5"36'16'8'4th45

Women's Events
AthleteOpen Stone12# Hammer14# Distance28# HeightCaberPoints
J. Staal17'10"49'5"33'6"10'-5.5
C. Munawych16'10"41'32'9'-9.5

Fort McMurray, June 17, 2000

1st 2nd 3rd
Men's Events - Amateur A
AthleteOpen Stone28# for Dist56# for Dist16# Hammer22# HammerSheaf Toss56# for HeightCaberPoints
P. MacKay23'9"37'2.5"15'2"67'11"53'--6th61
B. Bourdags27'8.5"-23'2"72'10"62'9"-10'7th55.5
S. Langford29'7.5"51'10"23'103'7.5"73'1.5"20'12'4"5th43
M. Staal30'61'9"28'113'2"88'10"22'13'2"2nd19
G. Walsh32'1"56'9"29'.5"110'9"85'1"20'13'2"1st21
J. Thomas35'9"56'4"26'6"106'3.5"86'2"25'13'9"3rd19
P. Sim34'4.5"62'25'9.5"92'4"73'10"24'12'4"4th27
C. Holt32'7"51'7"29'9.5"79'9"65'11.5"-13'2"8th40.5

Women's Events
AthleteOpen14# Dist12# HammerCaber28# HeightPoints
L. Walsh26'44'4"55'1.5"1st10'5.5
D. Jean19'5.5"'32'2"30'1"5th8'23
R. Gordon25'35'1"51'5"2nd10'10.5
M. Kampala17'4"26'41'10"6th-29
K. Sim18'7.5"29'8.5"42'3rd8'21
C. Munawych19'1"40'3"44'9"4th9'16

Men's Events - Amateur B
AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist16# HammerCaber56# HeightPoints
J. Taylor26'10.5"41'8.5"74'5.5"3rd9'8
L. Nolan24'8"26'2"64'6.5"1st13'4"13
J. Cardiff23'10"30'1.5"67'2nd8'12
D. Oksainec17'4"26'7.5"51'1.5"7th-30.5
T. Donald21'2"29'2"61'5.5"6th-23.5
D. Donald21'5"26'9"54'4"4th-22.5
A. Campbell19'9.5"21'5"42'5"5th-30.5

Red Deer, June 24, 2000

The 'big show', with the Outdoor Life Network covering the event for the All Strength Challenge. Kind of a wet, miserable one, but its always a treat for the athletes and the crowd to have big Marshall doing the commentating.

Amateur A

AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist56# Dist16# HammerSheaf56# HeightCaberPoints
G. Walsh36'11.5"54'4"26'8"105'8.5"22'13'6533
M. Staal35'10"61'10.5"29'4"111'6"22'14'10:0044.5
P. Sim39'3"57'6.5"26'9.5"103'6.5"22'12'6032.5
S. Langford35'2"52'7.5"22'8"93'11"-12'2514.5
C. Holt35'10"50'6"26'7"81'2"-12'-16.5
K. Watson45'2"58'3"27'5.5"97'1"24'13'1039.5
M. Morin37'1"57'4"26'1"97'4"22'11'7027.5
J. Thomas41'3"57'1"28'9"108'6"24'15'1:0049

Amateur B

AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
R. Lomas22'2"27'54'10"9'4040.5
K. Watson30'6"42'9"68'2"10'2:0017
B. Bourdags32'7"60'10"80'9"11'10:007
A. Andronyk25'5"35'69'4"9'2:0027.5
P. MacKay27'35'8"72'4"9'4027.5
J. Taylor28'10"45'6"79'9"10'11:0011
K. Strachan25'32'9"63'9"-3038.5
C. Strachan24'2"20'10"43'2"--47.5
R. Richmond23'11"36'10"74'9'4532.5
J. Lamey27'9"35'3"60'8"9'1:0028


AthleteOpen Stone14# Dist12# Hammer28# HeightCaberPoints
L. Walsh27'3"37'8"53'2"9'12:009.5
C. Morrison23'1"41'5"55'3"11'12:006
J. Staal17'5"F46'1"9'3:0014.5

Ellerslie, June 25, 2000

A wet day, but still a good showing considering it was the second day of competition. Mike broke his own hammer record of a few weeks past by an inch and a half, further demonstrating how much he's been working on all his techniques this year.

Amateur A
AthleteOpen28# Dist56# Dist22# Hammer16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
M. Staal36'1"63'6"29'11"87'4"113'3.5"13'70*15
M. Morin39'4"55'3.5"25'10"86'1"98'10"11'85*23
G. Walsh40'53'3"24'5"88'5"111'13'89*17
S. Langford36'52'8"22'9"74'10"93'9"12'40*34
J. Thomas39'2"61'2.5"29'3.5"82'100'6"15'11:3016
L. Walsh*20'1.5"40'5"23'10"42'1"57'6"-12:007
J. Kennedy32'10"40'3.5"20'2"60'3"75'7.5"11'35*42
Lisa Walsh competed along side the men, using the women's implements.

Fort Edmonton, July 8, 2000

It was a scorcher of a day. Hard ground, good throwing, good crowd. The morning crew put on an excellent show, with even some of the first timers putting up some respectable numbers. Its the kind of thing you love to see because more involvement in the sport can only be a good thing. Our lone female competitor put up some extremely good numbers and was a first timer to boot. Let's hope she comes out again really soon. Mike and Jeff continue their battle for first overall, with Mike upping the stakes by breaking one of Jeff's provincial records.

Amateur A
AthleteOpen Stone56# Dist28# Dist22# Hammer16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
P. Mackay30'2"14'2.5"40'4.5"49'3"60'--58
B. Bourdags35'6.5"24'3"56'10.5"60'3"72'9"11'-37
J. Scott29'6"17'37'10"54'66'5"11'-55*
C. Holt41'1.5"25'11"52'10"69'10"94'7"13'6"40*24
J. Thomas40'6"28'3.5"60'86'3"105'8"15'1:3012
M. Staal38'10.5"32'1.5"62'3.5"88'5.5"108'9"14'80*12
S. Langford40'2"25'7"56'10.5"72'2"92'9"13'70*24
J. Taylor35'.5"19'44'3"57'7"78'3"-6542
J. Kennedy33'5"21'2.5"44'11"58'6"74'2"11'4540

Amateur B/Novice
AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
M. Gilpin30'2.5"33'5"67'5"10'12:1522
I. Diack29'9"43'4"68'9.5"10'40*23
Q. Zapesocki26'0.5"32'6"60'6"F40*45.5
C. Strachen25'6"25'5"55'5"FF52.5
K. Strachen27'1"34'10"61'6.5"9'65*38
R. Lomas24'4"28'4.5"56'5"F80*44.5
K. Watson35'7"43'2"77'5"9'1:0013
A. Andronyk27'10.5"35'7"73'4.5"9'75*26
B. Stephen32'37'10"70'4"11'1:3016
J. Kennedy33'4"44'8"75'6"12'A's*
T. McLean28'11"29'3"61'10.5"9'75*35
Joe Kennedy was taken out of the calculations for the B caber, due to competing with the A's in the afternoon. The results reflect this.

Women's Events
AthleteOpen Stone14# Dist12# Hammer28# HeightCaberPoints
B. Singbeil33'9.5"44'11"75'10.5"13'12:005

High River, August 26, 2000

Amateur B Men
AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
F. Byrne24'4"35'3"80'2.5"-75*12.5
D. Roe27'10"37'1"76'9.5"10'45*11
L. Hrycyk23'6.5"28'10"58'6.5"-75*19.5
C. Strachan23'5.5"31'.5"57'3"--24.5
K. Strachan27'5.5"37'11"73'1.5"9'65*12
D. Mollerup18'2.5"23'3"56'8.5"-75*25.5

Amateur Women
AthleteOpen Stone14# Dist12# Hammer28# HeightCaberPoints
L. Sears-Walsh31'9.5"45'5"52'7"11'12:00*5
K. Rodgers-Sim20'11"31'1"42'9.5"-1:0019.5
D. Blair23'1.5"34'3.5"42'3"9'12:3014
Y. Sutherland22'8"17'.5"42'1"-75*23.5
J. Staal23'1"30'7.5"48'4"10'12:0013

Amateur A Men
AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist56# Dist22# Hammer16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
M. Staal36'2"60'3"28'10"83'6"108'1.5"14'12:0012
G. Walsh35'9.5"62'1"31'10"90'9"109'7"13'6"12:009
J. Kennedy29'41'4"18'8"60'7"78'2"11'75*39
B. Bourdags31'6"57'4"23'6"60'4.5"83'11'-33
J. Taylor31'9"47'3"21'5"63'3"87'2"-85*31
S. Langford34'.5"54'11"22'10.5"77'6"91'7.5"12'11:4523
K. Watson30'7"40'7.5"17'.5"56'10"70'6"-5045

Calgary, September 2, 2000

Women's Events
AthleteOpen Stone14# Dist12# Hammer28# HeightCaberPoints
J. Staal15'11"30'4.5"42'9"9'25*20.5
L. Walsh23'3"42'11.5"42'9"10'35*13
M. Hall18'37'2"48'5"10'40*12.5
B. Singbeil30'5"57'7"80'8"11'6"12:005
K. Sim14'11.5"30'5.5"34'7"-20*24

Amateur B Events - Men
AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
R. Hall34'2"43'6.5"70'9"11'6"11:3012
K. Watson30'1"41'1"72'3"10'12:0012.5
N. Brown28'8"52'6"90'8"9'10:3017
T. Hunt25'10"34'11"77'6"11'11:4524.5
W. Stephen25'3"37'3.5"67'5"11'11:0027
D. Roe26'11"38'10"61'7"9'65*33.5
P. McKay24'10"36'7"69'4"9'9:3040.5
K. Strachan25'10.5"40'5"66'10"9'35*43
C. Kent22'7"36'7.5"63'5"9'55*45.5
F. Byrne23'8"29'5"71'10"9'60*48.5
M. Gilpin26'7.5"36'4"59'9'50*49
M. Obst24'7.5"34'2"65'3"-10*62.5
L. Hrycyk23'5"21'10"54'7"-10:0065.5
R. Richmond21'8"35'10"61'11"-30*66.5
C. Strachan22'8.5"29'7"57'2"--73
C. Bowie19'2"20'6.5"51'11"9'-73
D. Mollerup18'5.5"25'2.5"54'3"-50*76
R. Morton18'5"27'5"37'8"-35*80

Amateur A Events - Men
AthleteOpen Stone28# Dist56# Dist22# Hammer16# Hammer56# HeightCaberPoints
G. Walsh34'1"58'2"29'6"89'2"106'6.5"13'11:0013.5
M. Morin36'2.5"56'2"28'7.5"83'9.5"109'6"11'80*21
P. Sim33'5"53'3.5"F80'7.5"95'2"13'75*34
S. Langford33'4"53'8"26'11.5"77'5.5"97'3.5"13'65*29.5
B. Bourdags29'8"52'5"23'11"67'3.5"85'3"11'55*41.5
J. Taylor31'1.5"46'19'67'.5"82'7"F25*50
J. Kennedy29'39'8"19'10"62'5"75'8"11'25*50.5
M. Staal33'9"61'28'7"88'2.5"110'4.5"13'6"12:0012

Canmore, September 3, 2000

Competitor Stone 56# Dist 28# Dist 56# Height Sheaf 22# Hammer 16# Hammer Caber Points
Mike Staal 29'10" 28'6" 62'5" 14' 22' 93'11" 115'8" 12:00 12
Marc Morin 30'2" 26'5" 56' 11' 20' 82' 102'6" 12:00 25
Sean Langford 27'6" 28'3" 57'1" 13' 18' 80'3" 100'8" 12:00 26
Simon Stewart 34'9" Foul 56'4" 15' 22' 77'3" 100'6" 2:00 40
Raymond Hall 31'8" 22'6" 44'11" 11' 14' 64'5" 84' 85* 48.5
Neil Brown 26'7" 22'3" 52'8" 9' 14' 68' 85'4" 75* 58
Blain Bourdages 25'10"25'10"58'9"9'14'62'3"76'1"65*62
Joseph Taylor 24'4" 17'5" 47'8" 9' 14' 69'9" 84'7" 80* 65
Terry Hunt 24' 12'11" 41'8" 9' 14' 58'8" 79'7" 80* 78.5
Mike Gilpin 24'11" 9'11" 38'7" 9' 14' 54'3" 77'8" 85* 84
Charlie Bowie 16'6" 13'2" 26'7" - 14' 37'8" 54'1" -
Jamie Honda-McNeil 22'5" 18'6" 23'10" - 14' 49'8" 63'11" 35*  
Raymond Morton 18' 10'9" 28' - - 36'5" - -  
Tyler Normey 21'10" 11' 28'10" - 14' 50'8" 59'3" 0
Marcus Obst 20'3" 13'1" 33'7" - - 52'2" 66'9" -  
Dave Roe 23'5" 17'8" 37'5" 11' - 48'11" 70'5" 0  
Bryce Singbiel 20'1" 10'9" 32'6" Pass 10' 44' 61'9" -  
Brent Stephen 24' 20' 7"; 37' 8"; - 14' 48'1" 66'8" 80*  
Casey Strachan 20'3" 14'11" 34'10" - - 47'1" 59' -  
Kelly Strachan 24'3" 17'4" 39'2" 9' - 54'4" 79' 40*  

Paul Sim Birthday Extravaganza

Men's Events
AthleteOpen StoneBraemar28# Dist56# Dist16# Hammer22# HammerCaber56# HeightPoints
S. Langford35'9"28'4"55'10"27'7"99'3"76'7"85*13'26
C. Holt36'10"30'50'Foul81'8"70'2"-Pass54
G. Walsh38'2"28'8"57'5"29'2"103'1"83'10.5"10:0013'6"14
D. Mollerup20'11"17'26'2"11'1.5"53'8"38'8"30*Pass92
M. Staal37'3"27'7"58'5"25'4"105'4"86'11"85*13'6"20
D. Roe28'4.5"22'2"37'1.5"18'5.5"69'7"59'8"45*11'63.5
P. McKay28'2"19'11"37'1"Pass72'11.5"45'3"50*-77
K. Strachan26'10"21'11"43'11.5"18'1"74'52'2.5"50*10'66
C. Strachan25'.5"18'10"29'2"13'2"60'9"46'6"--75
P. Sim37'6.5"29'10"55'1.5"25'5"91'10"74'.5"80*13'28
B. Bourdags30'1.5"24'11"58'4"22'3"79'62'9"-11'50.5
J. Taylor32'10"25'11"45'2"22'88'1"66'1"65*11'48

Women's Events
AthleteOpen StoneBraemar14# Dist12# Hammer16# Hammer28# HeightPoints
K. Sim16'9"14'33'8"41'7"32'9"-
J. Roe18'2"15'4"27'2"38'1.5"28'7"-
J. Staal17'8.5"15'9"30'10"43'1.5"27'6.5"10'

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